National Youth Conference 2021

National Youth Conference

 This conference is a platform to harness the thoughts and views of a cross-section of the Nigerian Youth as a means of assessing the current situation with development issues concerning them and forging strategies to address these issues.

The conference is FREE to all delegates and attendees.

Our Objective

Implementation Model

The goal of this conference is the development of an effective planning and delivery model for coordinating an inclusive national Youth dialogue. The underpinning approach is the reform of the mindset of our Youth towards government processes and the development of an integrated feedback mechanism that conveys the bottlenecks and hardships faced by young Nigerians.

The key facilitation model for increased youth involvement in national development is that of a cross-sector inter-linkage: an effective coordination of overlaps between the following primary social and developmental considerations in any society.


A. Culture:

At national level. an understanding of the effects that various cultures play in core roles that affect governance. Exploring the development of appropriate policies and standards that are in alignment with upholding or abolishing cultural demands in a multi-stakeholder government. These include policies such as Employment, Entrepreneurship, Education and Training Frameworks in alignment with diversities in culture.

B. Religion:

 An essential part of cohesive National Development Is religion. and this seems to be one of the major factors affecting peace and togetherness nationally and globally. Religion has been used as a tool to fuel insurgency and insecurity and, if not addressed appropriately, is a major trigger for under development of a nation.

C. Education:

Education is a major key national development trigger and thus an agent of religion, political, military, and social development of any nation. One of the objectives of education is to adequately equip a child with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for effective participation and contribution to national development. 

Therefore, it can be said that education provides the intellectual basis required for the social, economic, political, and technological development of a nation. Education is intended to improve the personal life of a young person in terms of the knowledge and skills required to enhance the quality of life and contribute to the well-being of society.
Nigeria as a nation needs a functional educational system that can equip learners with the requisite knowledge, attitudes, and skills to enable them to relate and adapt successfully to rapid socio-economic changes, especially of the type occasioned by technological advancement. 

Through education, the Youth learn the customs, traditions, beliefs and lifestyles of their people through literature, history, civic education, social studies and so on. Through education, the Youth also keep up with science and technology and the impact of both of these on development and economic advancement. 

There must be a predefined adult/youth balance for effective goal achievement

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